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Last update 120 weeks ago

Thats a long time, right? Sounds a lot longer when you put it that way I guess. Its been almost three years since my last journal entry. Kind of makes me wonder why I ever quit posting here. Just busy I guess. Last I remember I got back from posi numbers and I had a girlfriend. So instead of people reading what I thought I actually had someone to talk to about it. Makes sense I guess. Not sure if thats the real reason though. Does anyone still read this even? I guess we'll see, right? But enough about that, heres the rundown on what I've been doing the last three years...

Dating Rachel
Sitting in my basement


Well. A change of subject is in order. As of late I've been trying to figure this whole "life" thing out. Remember now, last time I made an entry I was 17. I'm 20 now. Believe it or not the amount of maturing that goes on between those ages is monumental. Any way, I tried the whole higher education thing out a while back. Just wasn't for me. Never has been and probably never will be. As it is I've been doing a whole lot of nothing. Working mostly. Got tired of not seeing any good bands so I decided I'd take it upon myself to book some tours. So far so good. Haven't actually had a show yet, but hey, they're coming. Ummmm, what else. Rachel's about to finish her sophomore year at Ball Sate. Kudos to her. Doin' her thing. I am actually scrambling to play catch up. The way I see it, her time at college is like a time limit for me to figure my shit out. Even though she'll deny it, its how I feel. But if you hadn't heard the master plan now is to move to Arizona (aka the promised land) and apprentice to become a tattoo artist under long time hustler and homie T-Bone Goeke. He's been bugging me to do this for a long time now. I love tattoos and art, and its pretty much the only way Rachel will ever let me get my hands and throat tattooed... so fuck it, why not? Has to be better than what I've got going on now, right? If I think about it though, it feels like it'll be kind of hard to leave this place. Maybe just because its home? I don't have in real friends in the immediate area, so I don't know where the feeling of attachment is coming from. Meh. Lets see who reads this and we'll go from there...

o wow, new features.
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