xNatexCarrx (shattertheair) wrote,

I don't give a fuck if i'm accepted or not.
And all you followers oughta be shot
Nothing matters to you but fitting in
Thinking for yourself's a battle you'll never win
You've got nothing to say but your mouth's still moving
You've got no point to be fucking proving
it's all a lie and we can see right through
And when the trend fades, so will you
No fucking heart and you have no pride
You can't fool me 'cause you're hollow inside
Follow the path of all your friends
Too blind to see it's just a dead end
No matter what's done you'll never see
That fuckheads like you aren't better than me
Because being another clone is your idea of fun
And if it was up to me, you'd all be hung
Point your finger and fucking laugh
When the joke's on you, you piece of trash
Keep talking shit, no one's listening
Your pedestal's crashing, your ego's burning
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at work i'd randomly think of you & start blushing ♥

all i could think of was you making horrible looking icecream cones
& your gorgeous face.

i'm in love with you ♥
Heh, and all I can think of
is you
trying to cut pizzas.

i'm in love with you also